I’ve been working on some autotesting features for d-i over the past few weeks, and I’ve started lagging behind on my debian-boot@ reading accordingly, by several hundreds of mails. Today’s gift to myself: no more unread/unanswered mails in that mailbox!

Even if I’ve prepared things for a possible d-i wheezy rc1 release around Christmas, several things weren’t ready, most notably: grub-installer. Hopefully #696615 will be fixed soonish, probably by asking where to write when /target(/boot) isn’t on (hd0).


Speaking of grub-installer, if anyone can reproduce #681227, I’m all ears! Wouter has a workaround for it (only in sid for now), but I’d very much like to track down the root cause for that one. It is supposedly reproducible with wheezy beta 4 images and with weekly builds (they use components from testing), all of those are available from the debian-installer website.