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I explained on debian-devel-games@l.d.o that it sounds useful to me to have in the PTS a Version Control box with a browser link, which can be used to point New upstream release submitters to what we are currently doing WRT packaging, as well as the SVN URL to the packaging directory. An example is available for the python-pygraphviz source package.

A script is available in SVN to automatically add or update the XS-Vcs-* fields in one or several packages.

Typical usage:

# Get the script
svn export svn://

# Fetch a package, or several packages
# (checkout'ing the whole trunk would be more efficient for many packages, though).
svn co svn+ssh://
svn co svn+ssh://

# Add/update the fields, check, document, commit
./ sabre xtux
svn diff sabre xtux
editor sabre/debian/changelog xtux/debian/changelog
svn ci -m 'Add XS-Vcs-* fields'

Note that I used an extra svn/ directory (right after the hostname) in the svn:// link so that a developer only has to replace svn:// by svn+ssh:// to get the right URL.

Posted @ 30/07/2007 Tags: pkg-games

Some days ago, I modified OpenAL's SVN trunk to clean it and to make it use quilt instead of having the whole source tree in SVN. Given that, one might want to find out quickly which packages have their whole source tree under SVN.

Here you go (probably suboptimal but working):

svn co svn://
find trunk/                          \
 | egrep -v '/(\.svn|debian)'        \
 | egrep '/.*/'                      \
 | perl -pe 's{^.+?/(.+?)/.*$}{$1}'  \
 | sort -u

And the winners are:

  • billard-gl
  • bsp
  • chocolate-doom
  • desmume
  • deutex
  • doom-package
  • ezquake-data
  • foobillard
  • freedoom
  • glest
  • prboom

If I remember correctly, some of them are unmaintained upstream, so it's OK to have the full sources under SVN, but it would be cool to get rid of the others (if we don't move to full sources in SVN as suggested some time ago).

Posted @ 28/07/2007 Tags: pkg-games