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I really liked doing stuff like Zack’s RCBW in the past, but nowadays I’m busy with some buildds, reporting RC bugs because some maintainers don’t test their uploads, as well as posting patches to fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD.

But from time to time, it’s also fun to close RC bugs. Here’s a new concept (that I probably won’t reproduce as regularly as Zack and his minions, though): RCBN for Release-Critical Bugs of the Night.

Those are now closed:

  • #552862: postman: FTBFS: cgi-lib.c:238: error: conflicting types for 'getline'
  • #545621: regina-normal: FTBFS: problem linking with boost
  • #540427: jconv: Build-Depends on libc6-dev (>= 2.7)
  • #540669: kflickr: FTBFS: '.libs/': No such file or directory
  • #554638: jconv_0.8.1-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: build-depnds libc6-dev
  • #527732: orpie: FTBFS: (.data+0x2c0): undefined reference to 'ml_gsl_vector_float_minmaxindex'
  • #520862: libkarma - FTBFS: /usr/bin/csc: Command not found

Many thanks to Peter Green, to Ruben Molina, and to Ilya Barygin for their patches. Special thanks to Richard Darst for orpie’s patches: he even managed to get rid of embedded code copies while addressing the FTBFS. Nice!

Unfortunately, in the same time, I had to open some FTBFS/RC bugs:

  • #559766: java3d: FTBFS on non-Linux ports
  • #559767: java3d: FTBFS on armel: install: cannot stat 'j3d-core/build/default/…'
  • #559768: java3d: FTBFS on hppa: java compilation issues
  • #559771: evolution-dev: Might be missing a Depends on libgtkhtml*-dev
  • #559781: ktoon: FTBFS with current ffmpeg
  • #559794: libfvm-dev: *LOTS* of undefined references

So, what’s next? Get back to work!

Posted @ 07/12/2009 Tags: rcbw

While rebuilding packages FTBFS'ing with gcc-4.3, I stumbled upon various quality/sanity levels for code & build systems: from very clean to not-so-nice, dirty, and even scary.

Fortunately, upstreams are sometimes funny and want to make us smile. This one succeeded.


That one is clanlib, Debian bug #454818.

Like pusling already pointed out, there's still a lot to do with RC/RG bugs (although some of them are just prospective/incomplete patches, ls -1 *_gcc-4.3.diff | wc -l reports 133 right now).

Introductory reading for GCC 4.3: Porting to the New Tools.

Please fix your bugs, prepare NMUs and so on, instead of just trolling like/with a bird.

Posted @ 10/03/2008 Tags: rcbw

More RC bugfixes?

Posted @ 23/07/2007 Tags: rcbw

And some additional bugs:

Posted @ 19/07/2007 Tags: rcbw

As part of NM, we have to close some RC bugs. Today I had a look at:

Posted @ 14/07/2007 Tags: rcbw