Time for a DXN#11 follow-up.

  1. The recent xserver-xorg-input-synaptics rc4 upload solved a lot of issues, but the 1.6.0 release (just uploaded) should fix some more. Enjoy!

  2. I’ve also uploaded a new xorg-server, merging from upstream server-1.12-branch to get many XI2.2 bug fixes, along with an infinite loop bug fix (also seen with synaptics).

  3. Many drivers can no longer work on ia64 due to the recent changes, so we requested they be removed, which happened promptly!

  4. All XSF-maintained packages build happily against X server 1.12, meaning users can get back to running apt-get dist-upgrade blindly without having to fear the consequences. Pro tip: when you see something like xserver-xorg go away during a dist-upgrade, think twice before confirming!

  5. xf86-input-mtrack was recently fixed; xf86-video-glamo and xf86-video-msm fail to build (#671028, #671806), so they stay uninstallable for now. Thankfully nothing appears to depend on them, so they can be temporarily removed from testing if needs be.

  6. In the meanwhile, xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.19 was released. It will probably land into experimental first, until the new server and its drivers make it into testing.

  7. Andreas Beckmann asked me to mention the status of the binary drivers, so here is my take about them: fglrx still doesn’t support X server 1.12 (LOL!). The other, big fat blobby driver is installable, and supposed to work.