dpkg was uploaded to experimental a few times lately, let’s sum it up quickly:

  1. It started with my NMU on 2012-01-31, since I hadn’t received any reasons not to upload (except “NACK”, which doesn’t count as such in my book).
  2. It got reverted a few minutes after that.
  3. Since this was getting nowhere, the Debian Technical Committee finally got involved, and voted in a few days only (wow, thanks!) for an “it’s time to experiment” decision.
  4. A new dpkg upload to experimental finally happened. One shall note the prominent “This is a WIP release, command line interfaces will change.” notice.

I’ve updated my previous dpkg with multiarch page accordingly, only keeping the interesting bits.

Playing around with grep-aptavail -F Multi-Arch $i -sPackage (with $i being same or foreign), I found some bugs:

  • #658792: libstdc++6-4.6-dbg: libstdc++.so.6.0.16-gdb.py is not an ELF file
  • #658793: libisl-dbg: libisl.so.8.0.0-gdb.py is not an ELF file

Also, some wishlist bugs (keeping the prominent notice in mind):

  • #658794: apt-file: Please implement multiarch support
  • #658795: reportbug: Please report foreign architectures

Finally, one dpkg improvement and one possible dpkg bug:

  • #658812: dpkg: Please add a hint in arch_remove about installed foreign packages
  • #658814: dpkg: Inconsistent installation state with buggy multiarchified packages?