This is the tenth “Debian XSF News” issue. It is basically meant to be a follow-up to DXN#9.

  1. I completed the addition of the Sinhala language, and also dealt with big changes on the xkb-data (a.k.a. xkeyboard-config) side, as explained by Sergey Udaltsov.


  • [KiBi] x11proto-core: the upload to experimental was a bit overcautious, so upload again → unstable.



  • [KiBi] libx11: new upstream release, adding support for Sinhala → unstable.

  • The Graphical Installer started receiving improved portability. There were a few patches floating around adding udebs for generic drivers for non-Linux architectures. I cleaned them up a bit (especially on the vesa side, getting rid of libdrm entirely), got them test-built on a kfreebsd-amd64 box, while Samuel Thibault was doing the same on a hurd-i386 box. I raised the topic on debian-boot@, debian-bsd@, and debian-hurd@, mentioning the remaining steps.

Drivers (all accepted by ftpmasters after a tiny trip to the NEW queue):



  • [Chris,Julien,KiBi] mesa 7.10.1: long-awaited upload, finally checked, built, and uploaded → experimental.

  • Finally, let’s mention migration to testing (from now on I’ll use testing instead of wheezy so that it’s clear it’s about week after week migrations to the testing distribution, rather than our final plans for the next stable release). After a while, and thanks to some hand-holding from our nice release managers (hi, Adam!), linux-2.6, libdrm, mesa, xorg-server, and several dozen drivers migrated to testing. Yay!

  • As a consequence, some other packages got updated shortly after the successful britney run (because they were prepared right before, just in case).


  • [KiBi] libdrm: replace 2.4.23 with 2.4.24 (which was in experimental previously) → unstable.

  • [KiBi] mesa: new stable release, 7.10.2 supersedes both 7.10 in unstable and 7.10.1 in experimental (see above) → unstable.

  • [KiBi] pixman: new development snapshot, 0.21.6 comes from experimental and supersedes 0.21.4 → unstable.