Otavio Salvador requested early testers for squeeze debian-installer rc1. (This paragraph will be edited once the official announcement is published.)

Graphical installer snapshots

A few snapshots follow, using various non-Latin languages to make sure rendering was doing fine.

  • Sinhala, prompting for the root password:

    Graphical installer running in Sinhala

  • Thai, prompting for popularity-contest configuration:

    Graphical installer running in Thai

  • Traditional Chinese, prompting for the non-privileged user’s name:

    Graphical installer running in Traditional Chinese

  • Japanese, loading d-i components from the CD-ROM:

    Graphical installer running in Japanese

  • Hindi, prompting for a hostname:

    Graphical installer running in Hindi

To avoid any manual drawing, tiny imagemagick magick for the snapshots cropped to 800x300:

convert cropped-snap.png -fill none -stroke black -draw \
    "stroke-dasharray 10 10 path 'M 0,299 L 800,299'" dashed-cropped-snap.png

X/experimental + g-i = ?


  • Fetch libxfont1-udeb, xserver-xorg-core-udeb, xserver-xorg-input-evdev-udeb, xserver-xorg-video-fbdev-udeb from experimental.
  • Store them under localudebs/ in a d-i build tree.
  • Build a netboot-gtk image with: make rebuild_netboot-gtk
  • [Optional: Be amused by the “not so tiny CD image that boots the graphical netboot installer” parameter to the update-manifest command.]


X/experimental + g-i = Win


  g-i running with Xorg from experimental


  • It looks like we managed not to break the X-related udebs in experimental, even by jumping directly from 1.7 to 1.9. \o/
  • Yes, Christian, I managed to highlight French in some way in this blog post. ;)