How many bugs can be filed at once?

55 bugs in a row, so that the desired bug number is reached. It took some time to prepare all those reports, which eventually resulted in 55 successive bug numbers, on top of last-reported #599945 at the time, ta-da! I love it when a plan comes together!

Just as a reminder, the main idea behind those bug reports is to get as many FTBFSes as possible reported, as previous mentioned.

How many X packages can be uploaded between two dinstall runs?

14 packages. Now that things are settling down a bit on the squeeze front, I managed to have a look at X Server 1.9 (more precisely, aka 1.9.1 rc1), which had already been worked on by Christopher James Halse Rogers (thanks!). Uploaded source packages include:

  • xorg-server: the X server itself. Selective users want xserver-xorg-core and xserver-common from that one.
  • xorg: a set of Debian-specific meta-packages. xserver-xorg is mostly what’s wanted from that one.
  • xserver-xorg-video-fbdev: a FrameBuffer-based video driver.
  • xserver-xorg-video-vesa: the well-known generic video driver.
  • All supported input drivers for which debian-x@ is listed in Maintainer. That means xserver-xorg-input-acecad, aiptek, elographics, evdev, joystick, mouse, penmount, synaptics, vmmouse, void.

So, what about the “major” (ati/radeon, intel, and nouveau) drivers? More on that later; if you want to test 1.9 with those, pick xserver-xorg-dev from experimental and build your driver against it. Hopefully only a few days should pass before you get an update on that topic.

How many times did this blog go haywire?

Possibly none, even though it was recently reworked so that and are distinct. Some d-i or xorg tags may be added to older posts when time allows, but those shouldn’t pop up in planet again.