We need you!

(Thanks to Mauro for his nice thick-swirl design, fitting better than the traditional-swirl one.)

The X Strike Force needs you! Thanks to the kernel team’s work on getting DRM stuff backported to 2.6.32 kernels, and thanks to Sven’s work on preparing both libdrm and xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, binaries are now available for users to try out!

One should note I’m a bit uncomfortable with publishing those binaries since I wasn’t able to test those packages myself (I haven’t got such hardware at the moment), but Sven reported it was working fine for him, and I received another successful report from a daring user (thanks, Duck!).

Given the current ftp-master outage, I’ve built i386 and amd64 binaries (using source from there), which are available through my people.debian.org page. libdrm* packages can be found in experimental, and 2.6.32-4-$arch kernels (built from linux-2.6 revision 2.6.32-10) in sid.

Please keep in mind those are meant to be experimental packages. Depending on your hardware, you might have to download and install some firmware. Details can be read in this message, in that one, and in that other one (which arrived when I started writing this blog post, nice; that also means you may want to keep an eye on that thread). I guess versioning might be reworked at some point, you might have to manually select experimental or unstable packages once they hit the archive, but early testers probably are going to find their way, right?

Feedback appreciated through debian-x@. Thanks already!