(Disclaimer: this post is not about G.I.)

Graphical installer

Josselin posted his thoughts about g-i, and given at least the first parts sound doable, I’m tempted to have a look at dealing with the needed udebs. Never touched anything like this before, but oh well, one learns every day. Time to learn a bit more about X11 as well.

It looks like generating a new mini.iso (using d-i’s trunk) wasn’t that difficult, so hopefully once I’m done with a few udebs, it should be possible to add them to this image and make sure those are usable, at least when loaded manually.

Once that finished, gluing everything together is probably going to be another story, but hopefully that won’t be impossible.

Unrelated stories

  • Thanks to DSA (especially weasel), kfreebsd-* now have DSA-admin’d experimental buildds. Aurélien took care of setting them up; they managed to go through all experimental packages, and bugs were filed accordingly. Some were just marked as failed, usually with “Needs porting.”, especially when there were no regressions with respect to what was previously built on those architectures (as a reminder: out-of-date means serious, uncompiled means important).

  • On a related note, this buildd.d.o form makes it possible to browse the build logs for various suites. See the dda@ announce for details.

  • It looks like I’m going to stop dealing with Java at all: #557230. Thanks to Gabriele Giacone for taking care!

  • It also looks like I’m done with Python packages as well.

  • A new module-assistant package got uploaded, which should fix issues with newer kernel versions (ya can haz detailz). I’m wondering whether backporting it through backports.org from time to time would be of some help to anyone? It is (or should be) directly installable in a lenny environment, but maybe people would like it to be directly available once the lenny-backports repository enabled? Mail/wishlist bug welcome if you want it.

  • If you received some signatures from me lately… no, I wasn’t pretending I met you at LCA or whatever, but that was from Cáceres (Hi Penny! ;)). Key rollover being thought of.