Some uploads this week:

  • There’s a 2.49.2~dfsg-1 package for Blender sitting in unstable. Despite its version string, it’s actually 2.49b (release logs). Looks like there’s a good reason for ~dfsg vs. +dfsg.

  • There’s a pending package for Blender 2.5 alpha 0, but some things still need ironing out. As stated in #558083, it’ll probably go to experimental first, given its dependency on Python 3.1.

  • Speaking of which, some dozens of X.Org drivers (xserver-xorg-input-* and xserver-xorg-video-*) were meant to be uploaded to experimental last night, but due to sbuild’s #559659 and lintian’s #542747, they ended up in unstable instead. If you see packages with a Depends: on X.Org stuff from experimental, that’s normal, wait until xorg-server 1.7 moves to unstable, go and fix some bugs instead of reaching for reportbug.