• DebConf’9 timing was really nice, allowing for following talks, getting things done, and meeting people.

  • Upper talk room’s speaker’s chairs aren’t as comfortable as they seem; First row seats are OK to sleep on, though.

  • Guards actually don’t want people to sleep there, and can even chase people in hacklabs to make sure they go sleep in the right venue; Funny wake-up, with a lot of Spanish, and little to be understood (note to self: try and get some Spanish basics before being in the plane for Spain next time).

  • Very sympathetic guard anyway, apparently (read: still in Spanish) saying how sorry she felt for that. And even hugging and kissing when one was leaving. Spanish people, you rock.

  • Day trip totally rocked, as well as the formal dinner. Orga-team \o/.

  • Totally in love with the Bosnian bid for DebConf’11. Let’s hope they’ll keep on doing a great job.

  • Oh, and decided to get another NM. Very funny to sit next to each other and mail NM Q&A every few hours.


  • I requested assistance for the src:graphviz package. While being a quite interesting technical challenge back when I started packaging various things, it is currently quite sucking my time, and I would really love someone else step in. I guess the RFH (#536245) will be turned into an RFA quite soon.

  • Pabs orphaned Synfig-related packages src:etl, src:synfig, src:synfigstudio. Given I don’t currently plan to dive more into them, I don’t feel like I would do a great job by keeping on maintaining them alone.

  • The same goes for src:luxrender. It’s RC-buggy but given I may orphan it as well, I’m not really keen on uploading a new upstream release to fix it. On a related note, I might have spent some time on the src:aqsis package but again, if one is not a very regular user, what’s the point?

  • I’m also quite wondering what to do with Blender. Details can be found in my mail to debian-devel@.

It’s quite sad to let some packages go, especially some which are quite popular, and which have made me dream for years (graphics stuff interested me back when I first touched a computer already); But well, time is a scarce resource. :(


  • Taking care of buildds is a really interesting experiment.

  • The new wanna-build feature called edos-builddebcheck is really appreciated on kfreebsd-*; most of the time, I’ve been setting dep-waits because of missing and/or uninstallable packages. Now it seems that all that stuff is being handled automatically, and I only have to concentrate on the successful build logs, and on the failed ones due to needed porting, broken build systems, etc. EPIC WIN, if you ask me.

  • d-i port seems to be on good tracks, and having weekly reports is great.

  • We’re still waiting for util-linux in unstable but once that done, we should get hal (thanks to a close cooperation with both its Debian maintainer and upstream), which should make it possible to get a lot of packages from the X11, GNOME, and KDE stacks. Once that done, a status update might be sent to d-d-a@.