A couple of things I loved in the past few days:

  • While talking about IP over DNS and aircrack techniques with a friend, being given some credentials to use a near-by hotspot directly (without tunneling).

  • Attending a very nice concert with an old friend: das Hager-Trio¹ in Villa Falkenhorst [de]. It featured Claude Debussy, Silvio Lazzari, and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Of course I'm going to lack words to describe the wonderful moment I had in that very tiny room (approx. 60-70 seats, which probably helped obtain a very warmish atmosphere). Reminds me I should go out more often. :)

¹: Unfortunately, I can't seem able to find a related webpage. Its member: Inge Hager (violin), Elke Hager (cello), and Enrico Pompili (piano).