Debian has a secretary that:

Epic FAIL.

(I won’t mention again the incredible decision of putting everything into a single vote, others have done so already. And that’s of course the worst of all.)

Update: Just for fun (or despair), I sent another ballot for the General Resolution: Project membership procedures vote. And guess what?

This is an acknowledgement for your vote [record msg00356.raw] for
the vote "Project membership procedures"
sent in on Mon, 15 Dec 2008 08:37:16 +0100, with the subject
"Re: Final call for votes: GR: Project membership procedures"
Your vote has been recorded as follows
I note that this is not your first vote.

The time now is Mon Dec 15 08:08:06 2008

Thanks for your vote.

I’m lacking words, and running out of popcorn.