First time…

  • I started Debian: some years ago.
  • I uploaded a package: some months ago.
  • I prepared a stable upload: some weeks ago.
  • I voted: some days ago.

So far, so good.

But after having voted in reply to a possible abuse of position, now we have a vote with another abuse of position, as pointed several times on debian-vote@. Too bad we haven’t seen any reply from the DPL. Yet?

In the meantime, I was pointed (thanks!) to a marvellous secretary sucking page, best viewed with a CSS3-enabled browser. Screenshot from midori follows (note that it could be even worse with konqi from experimental, at least so am I told):

Secretary (page!) sucks

Oh, and another first time but not Debian-related:

  • 3-hour swimming session: some hours ago. Bed time.