This (extended) weekend features:


  • Update libgphoto2 which is used (surprise!) by gphoto2 and others to access digital cameras. Some hours after 2.4.1-1 got uploaded, 2.4.2 got released. Got to get back to it soon…

  • Prepare an SVN snapshot of hugin, which is a panorama sticher, using libpano13 from panotools. People are so active with their GSOC students that the long-awaited 0.7.0 version isn’t released yet, hence the snapshot.

    Testing is very welcome: binaries for i386 and amd64 will be available on people.d.o until the upload.

    Thanks to Julien Valroff and Johan Kiviniemi for their patches, and to the NMUers who took care of hugin in the meanwhile.

  • Bug triaging for both of them has been quite missing lately, but hopefully that’ll get fixed soon.


  • Fix blender, which could have migrated, if ftgl wouldn’t be still missing on alpha — being optional:uncompiled doesn’t help. It started to FTBFS: Debian bug #490317. Against crappy upstream build system, strace -v to the rescue (-v is needed to get all variables, so that one can figure out why that execve call failed). Here’s the fixing-an-RC-bug dance for Stephen Frost, as promised: \o_ /o/ \o\ _o/.

    The Add > Text crash (Debian bug #487890) got fixed too, although I didn’t get any ACK from upstream.

    Oh, and I know about this tiny bug (which appears during the byte-compilation phase). I’m not very keen on trying to get it fixed myself and possibly breaking stuff, especially when upstream doesn’t care, and when the following commits are looking even more messy.

  • Update sunflow, a rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis, it can now happily depend on better Java packages now that openjdk-6 made it through NEW.

More to come…

  • A new graphviz upstream bugfix release is available.

  • As written above, a new libgphoto2 upstream release is available.

  • A new module, python-ssl (Debian bug #453101), might be nice. Python 2.6 got a real ssl module and this python-ssl module would be a backport of this new ssl module to Python versions 2.4 and 2.5. Interested people can compare the current ssl module API against the one available in the new ssl module.

  • And the sponsor queue is growing, too.