As outlined some days ago, patience is a requirement. That said, I'm glad that all things come to (s)he who waits, Lufthansa hardware finally landed!

Ganneff, already very busy with his well-known DAM and ftpmaster hats, managed to also handle shipping some hardware donated by the Lufthansa some months ago.

pkg-games was promised a powerful box, look: Pentium 4 (2400 MHz, 1024 MB); we will finally be able to try and provide backports in a semi-automated fashion, so as to ease stable users' life, when it comes to installing bleeding-edge versions of their favourite games!

Thank you for making this possible and keeping everyone posted about the status of that hardware donation. Hopefully, it'll be possible to also communicate through “bits of the DAMs”, as suggested some weeks ago on debian-newmaint@.

Yay for communication! \o/