Some days ago, I modified OpenAL's SVN trunk to clean it and to make it use quilt instead of having the whole source tree in SVN. Given that, one might want to find out quickly which packages have their whole source tree under SVN.

Here you go (probably suboptimal but working):

svn co svn://
find trunk/                          \
 | egrep -v '/(\.svn|debian)'        \
 | egrep '/.*/'                      \
 | perl -pe 's{^.+?/(.+?)/.*$}{$1}'  \
 | sort -u

And the winners are:

  • billard-gl
  • bsp
  • chocolate-doom
  • desmume
  • deutex
  • doom-package
  • ezquake-data
  • foobillard
  • freedoom
  • glest
  • prboom

If I remember correctly, some of them are unmaintained upstream, so it's OK to have the full sources under SVN, but it would be cool to get rid of the others (if we don't move to full sources in SVN as suggested some time ago).