Thanks to ebzao, I'm back on the internets. :-)

To use ikiwiki with a remote host, just do the following:

  • put web.git on the server;

  • put the following in web.git/.git/hooks/post-receive and make it executable (it looks like setting GIT_DIR is mandatory to have run successfully when pushing, although locally or over through ssh, everything seems fine without it...):

      export GIT_DIR=~/web.git/.git
      cd $GIT_DIR/..
      git checkout -f                # Update this repository
      ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup  # Update the HTML pages
      echo 'HTML update: done!'      # Notify the 'push'-er
  • git-clone on the local host;

  • edit/patch/...

  • git-push

And now the site gets automatically updated some seconds after a push.

(Note to self: a code block inside a list needs to be indented twice.)