The idea is to have backups of working files easily, as well as easing some tasks like sending bugreports with attached files, ensuring msgcat has been run, fetch the new templates.pot file from the server, etc.

Various thoughts on using git to manage localization.

  • hierarchy:

  • l10n.git

  • l10n.git/po: upstream PO files.

  • l10n.git/po-debconf: debian debconf screens.

  • l10n.git/scripts: scripts to ease the manipulation of translations, update of working files, etc.

  • ideas:

  • adaptation of bubulle's script for this layout, maybe using ReadLine to ask for the package, version, and file to send;

  • same kind of scripts for sending RFR (or RFRn), LCFC (or LCFCn) from the commandline.

  • script to which a TAF or MAJ mail can be piped, so that the appropriate file is fetch from the server;

  • script to which a diff can be piped, so that it gets applied (if possible) and commit'd in the tree, automating the addition of the submitter's mail in the log;

  • script(s) to check for missing msgcat invocations, incomplete translations and so on.

  • open questions:

  • how to handle the tagging of the released (BTS'd) files? Will tagging with $package/$version/$bug be too much?

  • how to handle the Mail-Followup-To header for the second kind of scripts? Sounds like not that possible, after all.