Summary of my setup

  1. Install ikiwiki

  2. Choose a hierarchy for the blog entries. It is blog/$year/$month/$day/$title.mdwn right now, and tags are stored under tags/.

  3. Enable some plugins. Currently:

  4. sidebar: integrate a menu bar on each page;

  5. tag: ease the creation of tags and links;

  6. pagestats: needed to generate automatically the list of the tags;

  7. prettydate: specify a string format for the Posted/Last edited dates;

  8. shortcut: enable many interesting shortcuts like [[debbug NNNNNN]] or [[debpkg package]].

  9. Create some placeholders:

  10. index.mdwn;

  11. tags.mdwn;
  12. tags/*.mdwn (one for each tag),

  13. Write a configuration file: ikiwiki.setup, enabling these plugins, and containing some basic information like origin and target directories.

  14. To do:

  15. learn the syntax for real;

  16. automate the creation of index.mdwn placeholders under blog/$year, blog/$year/$month, and so on. Extend a module to do so?
  17. poke the author of the calendar plugin so as to get the code;
  18. report that shortcuts containing slashes aren't working;
  19. integrate it in git.